Shameless American Pop Star “Nadeea Volianova” Slathers Herself in Gold Paint and Poses Naked…..!!!

The star was leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination as she stripped naked to apparently celebrate the release of Specter……….!!! Isn’t it a bit too bold and shameless???

American pop star “Nadeea Volianova” celebrated the release of new Bond film Spectra in the most shameless way possible………..

Copying the golden Bond girl from 1965 Gold finger  played by actress “Shirley Eaton” ,  Nadeea decided to strip completely naked and cover herself in metallic gold paint…………..

One picture shows that Nadeea posing with a gun in one hand, while the other just about covers her modesty……….

While a second sees her attempting to seductively flash her bare rear to camera as she holds the gun in the air with two hands…!!!

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Its is really not the first time the singer has flashed her flesh for no real reason……

Dressed in a very revealing outfit, she gave guests more than an eyeful in an unusual black cape style top which showed off pretty much all of her breasts from the side……..

She matched the very racy top with a pair of tight leather shorts and knee high black boots…. :O Hot…..!!!

This was her awesome photo shoot, according to her management and herself obviously…!!! But, how the public is taking it??? it is a mystery kinda question???

However, she looked gorgeous in that gold color 😀 , I enjoyed her photos…… 😛  …..!!!

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Very hot photo shoot indeed……. How does she manage it??? click on the link below to see more about her….

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