Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie grew up in a castle – and you can rent it on Airbnb…… It really is cool isn’t it????

Game of thrones star.Round of Thrones fans were genuinely happy to learn a week ago that genuine couple Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were getting hitched.

Harington, one of the show’s best-known characters, and previous star Leslie reported their engagement in The Times – appropriate for individuals of riches and distinction.

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Harington is a relative of King Charles II. It’s little astonishment at that point to discover that Leslie experienced childhood in a manor.

The performing artist, who played Ygritte in the HBO arrangement, inhabited Lickleyhead Castle in Insch, Aberdeenshire, until the point that she was ten-years of age (when she headed out to class). You can lease the place out on Airbnb – for a cool £600 a night.

The seven-room home was worked in 1499, and is a “peaceful and disengaged setting set in lovely parkland encompassed by develop trees and gardens which has played host to weddings previously,” as per Airbnb.

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Leslie’s folks, Sebastian (who is the head of the Leslie family in Aberdeenshire), Candida, still live in the manor. They let it as an informal lodging for £110 per room, and lease the entire place out for £600 when somewhere else.

The stronghold is genuinely terrific. It brags an extraordinary lobby, the first medieval staircase, a lounge area seating 16, and significantly more other than. It’s near world celebrated greens, as well, and also whisky trails, shorelines, and dazzling Scottish wide open. Watch more

In 2013, Lickleyhead went available for offers over £1.35 million, The Daily Mail reports, however is never again recorded.

Leslie’s mom Candida stated: “You get a twofold en-suite room and a full Scottish breakfast. The rooms are not colossal and drafty — it’s an exceptionally agreeable palace.” Watch more entertainment news wow isn’t it weird….. I wanna buy a castle like her’s…. wow.

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