Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Heat Up Christmas in Miami……. Must see

It never gets cool when you are as hot as J-Rod!  ( Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez )

The most smoking couple on the planet—otherwise known as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez—was warming up the effectively blazing Miami on Saturday with their wild designs and their obvious interest. The two A-listers were spotting doing some very late Christmas shopping together in the bright city. ( Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez )

The twosome, whom E! News detailed were dating in March, strolled as one as they went by top of the line stores including Dior, Rolex, Tom Ford, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Loro Piana, Harry Winston and Burberry in the upscale Miami Design District.( Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez )

An onlooker tells E! News that the match was particularly enthused about taking a gander at gems and purses amid their shopping trip. click to read more

For the occasion end of the week excursion, the outline topping songstress wore a vivid sweatshirt, some bend embracing pants and a couple of significantly stage heels. The mother of two cleared her long bolts up into a high bun and shook a couple of mark curiously large loop studs. Her resigned baseball star picked a tight-fitting dark shirt, white pants (since you can simply wear white in Miami!) and road shoes.( Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez )

The amazing pair, who are tied in with giving the world access on their sentimental relationship, both kept their eyes far from prying eyes with sunnies. ( Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez )

No snow boots, gloves or scarves for these two. They are tied in with shaking some crisp apparatus this Christmas. click to watch more

A source already advised that A-Rod was planning to propose to the songstress any day now. Is a NYE proposition in the couple’s future? We’ll need to sit back and watch!

What is going to Happen nobody knows however it would appear that they may legitimize their relationship. ( Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez ) But this is really interesting i am very curious about the matter what is gonnna happen God knows…… because it’s Hollywood here anything could happen.

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